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Coverage. A terrible word for anyone who actively maintains their Instagram profile and wants to promote it. Let's see what it is and why it inevitably falls.

Reach is the total number of people who viewed your post. If one person has looked at the post twice, then this is counted as one. This is the difference between reach and impressions. The latter are always larger. But why is content still getting low reach?

Seasonality Exhale. The coverage doesn't always depend on your mistakes. While everyone is on self-isolation, the statistics can please, but as soon as the doors open, the envelopes will collapse. People will be free and have no time for social networks. Also, the indicators sag in the warm season.

Growing competition. Thousands of new accounts appear on Instagram every month. There is too much content, and users simply do not have time to watch everything.

A sharp decline in activity. This happens with the sponsors of the so-called 'give'. After the end of the competition, participants begin to unsubscribe en masse and the activity drops. No activity - no coverage.

Lack of positive dynamics. If nothing changes in your profile, people get bored. They flip through publications more and more often, and from this you find yourself lower and lower in their feed. Make a variety of content.

No communication with the audience - no coverage. Everything is clear here. Metrics keep your loyal readers - your target audience. Add interactions with her.

Lack of response to content. Engagement is essential for good reach. Try to create content that you want to like, discuss, and even save. This applies not only to publications, but also to stories and live broadcasts.

Algorithms Complicated. Yes, Instagram changes its algorithms every second and it's hard to predict which post will take off this time. However, there are some general rules that must be followed to get good coverage. We will talk about this next time.

Experiment and amaze! And if you have problems with blocking your account, write to us.

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