Giveaway on Instagram pros and cons

There are many ways to promote shareware on Instagram. One of them is the givas.

Giveaway is a competition with a large number of sponsors (usually 10 or more). To participate in the prize draw, the user must subscribe to all accounts of the organizers.

Given can be roughly divided into:

The advantages of this promotion method:

+ Accelerated growth of new subscribers.

+ Thematic givs help segment the audience a bit.


- The cost of participation can range from 2,000 to 100,000 rubles.

- Unsubscriptions after giveaway completion can be up to 70-80%.

- A sharp drop in coverage, because Instagram algorithms, due to long and massive unsubscriptions, decide that your content has become of low quality.

- There are many unscrupulous third-party organizers, there is a high risk that you will simply be 'thrown for money'.

- It is impossible to segment the audience in detail.

- People who come for a 'freebie' rarely buy something in the future, even if they don't unsubscribe from you.

- There is a risk that the social network will block your account. The probability is low, but it is there.

To participate or not, the choice is yours.

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