Instagram coverage. How to pick up and not drop again

What is coverage and why it inevitably falls, we have already figured out. It's time to discuss how to increase it.

Regularity. Instagram loves that. Remind subscribers of yourself consistently, otherwise you will find yourself at the very bottom of the general feed. Remember - priority is always given to those who like and comment a lot and often. Make a content plan and plan each step in advance.

Likes. Yes, begging is a shame, but without it nowhere. Although, maybe you just remind your subscribers to shake your heart, because they most likely read your texts. Pay attention to your popular posts and try to replicate your success.

Comments. Encourage subscribers to dialogue with your texts and photos. And also be sure to respond to their comments. The Instagram algorithm can cut your reach if you don't communicate with the audience.

Stories. Try to remind yourself wherever you can. Ideally, post 1-7 stories every day - even a repost of a new publication is considered. Again, encourage subscribers to engage in dialogue. Polls, quizzes, ask a question - any reaction to your content will bring additional coverage.

Hashtags. It is not as effective as it used to be, but they are useful. Put 5-7 hashtags and don't use the same ones in every post. Algorithms may consider this to be spam. If your blog has an interesting section, give it a hashtag and ask your subscribers to subscribe to it - then they won't miss a new post on this topic.

Text. Add content that is often saved: recipes, lists, instructions, life hacks. I will add your posts to favorites, which means that engagement will grow, which will push you higher in the general feed.

Communication. Don't forget Direct. Provoke a reaction in all available ways - both with hype content and with stickers - a question, yes / no (poll or vote).

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