Fakes on Instagram

Caution - fake !!!

Instagram has over a billion accounts, and 20% of them are fakes. We will tell you what kind of animals they are and why a fake user can harm you.

What is a fake? This is an account created using other people's personal photos, videos and other information. Most often, such accounts copy the pages of famous artists, bloggers, online stores and other well-known users.

Why are fakes needed? It's simple. The one who creates them wants to earn income by selling your content, or thus promote an account, and later sell it. Or just wants to make you nervous.

Why is it dangerous for your account? Instagram's algorithms are flawed. Attackers know this and deliberately create a fake account so that the owner of the original one sends a complaint that this profile is impersonating another person. Only as a result of such a complaint, most likely it is you who will be blocked.

If you find that your fake is on Instagram, try to solve everything peacefully. Contact the owner of this account, point out to him that he is stealing your content and ask him to remove it from the page. If this method does not help, then complain about copyright infringement. It is for the violation of the accident. Complaining that this profile is impersonating you will work in the opposite direction and you will lose your account.

Is it possible to return access to the page after such a blocking? Yes, and we are always ready to help with this.

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