Spotify is now in Russia. And what do we get with this?

Spotify is now in Russia. And what do we get with this?

Spotify has finally arrived in Russia! So what? How is it different from other streaming services and what are the benefits? Let's tell you now!

Spotify is a Swedish service created in 2006. For the world of music has become revolutionary. Thanks to Spotify, we no longer pay for music, we give money for a subscription to the service, and it already redistributes it between labels and musicians.

You can listen to music on Spotify for free with audio ads and rather unpleasant restrictions in the mobile version (you cannot listen to albums in order and the number of plays is limited). There is also a paid version with no restrictions, which costs 169 rubles per month. Yandex.Music works the same way.

What's in it that competitors don't have?
Playlists. Spotify's algorithms are good at creating playlists that are right for you.

Applications. They are synchronized with each other on different devices and allow you to continue listening to music on your laptop from the same place where you paused, for example, on your phone.

Podcasts. Podcasts from all over the world live here. But listening to them in Russia will not work, Spotify podcasts are not working here yet.

And also song sharing!
It is a joint feature of Spotify and Instagram. Spotify users can share the songs they are currently listening to in Stories. No more screen recording while listening to music to show subscribers a cool track. And most importantly, there will be no more annoying 'Music not available in your area' message!


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