How to protect your Instagram and Facebook account from plagiarism

In the vastness of Instagram, there are many accounts whose owners create unique content from their own photos, videos, and graphic drawings. Perhaps you are reading this. However, it is these profiles that are most often plagiarized. And Facebook found a way to deal with it.

Recently, the social network launched an interesting thing - Facebook Rights Manager. We will tell you what it is and how such an innovation helps to protect content.

Rights Manager is a powerful tool powered by the Facebook Creator Studio platform. It's made for creators who want to control when, how, and where their content is posted to Facebook and Instagram.

Simply put, the Rights Manager finds the borrowed material himself and shows it to the author, who claimed his rights to it. Then the user can:

In addition, you can specify the official partners who legally distribute unique content.

How do I use this tool? Go to, click "Apply Now" and fill out a simple form.

After passing the moderation, indicate the content that you have created and want to protect. The service itself will find content on Facebook and Instagram that matches yours.

Check it out and find out who liked your posts.

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