Safe auto-posting on Instagram. Myth or Reality?

One of the significant drawbacks of Instagram is the lack of delayed posting. Therefore, on the network you can find many services (often paid) that will post the publication for you at the right time. Only here Facebook mercilessly throws into a shadow ban or even blocks users of such software.

Scared? Calmness. The social network has developed its own free service - Creator Studio. What does delayed posting have to do with it and how does the novelty work? Understanding.

Facebook Creator Studio allows you to manage all posts on Instagram from your computer, view statistics and schedule posts in advance. Here's what the FB help says about the service's capabilities:\

All this sounds good, but there is one drawback - only owners of business profiles or author accounts can work with the service. This is not a problem if you are ready to change your profile policy to work with Creator Studio.

How do I switch to a business account?

To switch to one of these formats, open the IG mobile application, go to the settings, select the "Account" section and scroll down to the end. There you will see blue buttons "Switch to business account" or "Switch to author account".

Done. Let's connect to Creator Studio! Open Facebook Creator Studio, click on the Instagram icon next to the FB icon at the top of the screen, and log in with your Instagram username and password.

Welcome to Creator Studio. The most interesting thing for us is postponed posting. Previously, only paid services could boast of such a function, for the use of which FB mercilessly blocks. And here is free and, most importantly, SAFE software. By the way, everything works quite simply.

Click "Create Post" and then "Instagram Feed". In the window that opens, write the text for the post (no more than 2,200 characters, 30 mentions and 30 hashtags), you can also select a location. After that we upload a photo, video, or all together (yes, you can also make a carousel here). We mark the people in the photo and proceed to the publication.

You will have three options: leave the post in drafts, postpone the release for a certain time, or publish right now. Also, pay attention to the advanced settings. There you can turn off comments on the post or mark a business partner.

After you publish, draft, or schedule a publication, you will see it in the Content Library. That's all.

It's a pity Creator Studio hasn't learned how to work with stories yet. However, rumor has it that this feature is already in development and will soon be available.

What other goodies has this service prepared for us?

You can now view statistics from your computer, including audience information and how people interact with your content. True, only for the last 7 days. For statistics for a specific publication, see the Content Library tab. All your publications are collected there, regardless of when they were published.

In general, all statistics for posts and account, which can be viewed in the mobile application, are also available in Creator Studio.

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