How to make a copy of your Instagram account

Temporary locks, profile hijacking, complaints from competitors. The result is one account loss. And very few people succeed in restoring the profile on their own. Sometimes you have to start from scratch. We will tell you how to play it safe so that it does not hurt excruciatingly.

Instagram has foreseen the likelihood of losing your profile social network can collect a complete archive of all your actions and published materials. What does it include?

To download the archive go to Settings - Security - Data download. Then enter the mail to which the account is linked, the password and within 48 hours you will receive the archive at the specified email address.

But remember that the archive has an expiration date! The download link will be available only within 48 hours, have time to download.

This feature is especially relevant for those who are at risk: they sell replicas, host large giveaways on their page, or violate Instagram rules.

Note, however, that this archive is not a panacea. Subscribers will have to be recruited. But publications, subscriptions and message history WILL BE restored, though not everything is so simple here either. All data in the archive comes in .json format, and there is no tool that automatically transfers it to a new account. The only way to do everything manually.

Everyone should have a backup copy of their account, just in case. So we recommend using this function.

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