The story of one Instagram hack

Forewarned is forearmed. And we cannot leave you unarmed in the fight against fraud.

Recently, the author of the Telegram channel Dnative told a story that happened to his friend. History of an unusual hacking attempt.

She received a letter to Direct from a verified account (supposedly Instagram support). The content is simple:

"You have violated copyright in one of your publications. Your account will be deleted after 24 hours. To avoid this, follow the link below".

Where is the fraud here, you ask. Let's figure it out .;

1. Instagram tech support will NEVER write to Direct. They send notifications inside the application or to the mail to which the account is linked. If you received an 'email from Instagram' by mail, check its presence also in the application settings in the Security section of the Emails from Instagram tab (screenshot on the second photo in the carousel).

2. Since right now, not the username is displayed in Direct messages, but the profile name, the interlocutor thinks that he is texting with a verified Instagram account (pay attention to the third screenshot in the carousel, source: Dnative). But this is fundamentally wrong. If we go to the user's page, we see that his username is jonathanespericueta. As the telegram channel suggests, this is the account of a Mexican footballer who was apparently hacked.

3. You are prompted to go to the site, where you need to enter your login information for your Instagram account. Is Instagram's real support going to resort to such measures?

Before us is one of the new and dangerous ways of fraud. Remember it, or better keep it, so as not to lose it.

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