Shadow ban on Instagram

Let's touch on a really hot topic - the shadow ban on Instagram. There are believers and non-believers in this matter. However, we are in favor of relying on facts.

Shadow Ban - a situation when the posts of an account are not displayed by hashtags.

Sometimes they try to fit this concept into a drop in organic reach, profile blocking and various other misfortunes of the instagrammer, but no. Shadow ban, it's only about hashtag search.

What we know from the responses of Facebook tech support to different users:

There is a certain algorithm that monitors the actions of accounts for violations of the rules of the social network.

If the algorithm suspects that the profile may violate some rules (more often it is spam, the use of third-party applications), then this account will no longer be displayed by hashtags.

The explanation is quite logical - as long as there are suspicions about the account, Instagram will not contribute to the distribution of its content.

Does it happen that you did not violate anything, but stopped displaying by hashtags? Yes. Technical support staff mention that the algorithm can be wrong.

What to do? Just wait and temporarily skip hashtags. You usually have to wait no more than two weeks.

It is important to remember that a shadow ban does not equal account blocking. If you can find out about the shadow ban only by trying to find yourself by a hashtag or seeing that there are no transitions in the hashtag statistics, then Instagram will notify you about blocking your account even when you try to log into your account, so be sure.

In general, the shadow ban is not as scary as it is painted.

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