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Instagram doesn't stand still. We have collected the latest news for you, which will definitely please many.

New fonts in Stories are finally available to everyone. We checked. If they still don't work on your device, try updating the Instagram app through the AppStore or Play Market.

Another update concerns reactions to stories. Previously, a notification about every reaction came to direct and opened a new conversation with the user. Now such responses are collected in a summary that can be found in Story statistics. Convenient and doesn't clog up dialogs!

However, Instagram has not yet bothered to roll out the new product to all profiles. Some will have to wait a bit.

And of course, users are waiting for Instagram to launch Reels. Rumor has it that this will happen on Wednesday, August 5th. Reels is a kind of analogue of the popular TikTok. At first, the service was launched only in Brazil, and it looked almost like a story. However, the developers quickly realized that they needed to change the concept.

Reels is built right into Instagram and lets you create short music videos. You can like them, comment and send them to friends. Does it look like a story? This is only at first glance. The feature of the new service is in the tools that help to edit the video right in the application. And to make it bright and fun. Like TikTok.

Reels is slowly becoming available in other countries, but not in Russia. We'll have to wait, as always.

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