Basic taboo on Instagram

It is clear about how to save your account:

1. You can not post images that are not your intellectual property.

Example: You sell sunglasses on Instagram. Some of the models were photographed beautifully on different surfaces, but photos with people are also needed. And they are not. Bad luck.
Then you type in the models of glasses that you sell into a search engine and post the found photos in your account. The only trouble is that these photographs have an author who did not give consent to these publications.
As a result, your account is blocked.

2. It is forbidden to post nude bodies, including naked or partially nude children.

Example: For two years, Maria went to the gym every morning. She sat on a diet, ate the hated chicken breast with vegetables - all for the sake of a beautiful ass. And, as you know, persistence is rewarded. Maria decided to show the world her results, photographed her naked buttocks and posted it on Instagram.
The result is account blocking.

Exceptions include photographs of mastectomy scars, photographs of breastfeeding women, and nudity in painting and sculpture.

3. It is forbidden to spam, i.e. publish the same comments, contact users multiple times, if they did not give their consent.

Example: Vasily decided to promote his business on Instagram. He looked at different options, decided that all means are good in business and connected a service with auto-sending of comments. The calculation is simple: the person will receive a comment on behalf of Vasily 'Cool photo!' and he, all so flattered, will log into our hero's account.
Yes, they just figured out the entrepreneur and complained about his comments several times. As a result, Vasily was banned.

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