Target. Why Instagram is rejecting ads

Target is a great invention. You don't always understand what is in front of you: an advertisement or a sign of fate. It also helps to effectively promote your product or account.

But before learning how to promote on Instagram, you need to know what content will definitely be moderated. We figured it out and now we are telling you.

Bots scrutinize your ad post before it gets published. Anything outside the law or Facebook policy is rejected first. For example: tobacco, medicines and dietary supplements, materials 18+, weapons, loans, credits, sale of body parts, etc.

Also, moderation can reject low-quality content. According to Facebook, it includes:

Images with a lot of text.

Clickbait and sensationalism. Or, as Facebook puts it, the suppression of information. This is considered intrusive content that encourages you to click on a link.

Misleading materials. Ads shouldn't contain false promises. "In just 10 days you will lose 10 kg" is the very proposal that will not pass moderation. This also includes the before-after demonstration.

Aggressively selling stocks. Not skipped announcements with arrows and those that put pressure on the limited stock. Write '99% discount just today' and your post was rejected by moderation.

Stop words. This is something from the category of mysticism. No one has ever seen them, but Facebook is believed to have a base of expressions that users often complain about. Unfortunately, the list of these words is not known.

Discrimination. Ads should not indicate flaws or personal qualities: weight, gender, age, ethnicity. 'Do you dream to be beautiful?' - for example, this phrase indirectly indicates that the user is ugly. Fasting - in the trash.

By the way, if your ad contains a link to a third-party site, be aware that it will also be checked for all of the above factors.

Here's a simple checklist that will help you avoid mistakes in creating an ad.

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