What is account blocking insurance?

Our service offers to secure your account from being blocked. In case of blocking during the selected period, we will restore the account for free.* The cost of account restoration services is much higher than the cost of insurance. This means that insurance is profitable.

If you are a public person or you are promoting your business, or simply afraid of losing your account, then our service is for you.

Want to get anti-ban insurance?

It is very simple! Just a few actions and it is yours.



Fill out the registration form on the site


Message to our support team

Please mark the username of an account that you want to insure



Make a payment in a convenient way


The account is insured!

Fill the form

In order for us to help you, provide a little information.
If necessary, experts will ask clarifying questions.

Tariff plans

We offer 3 standard insurance periods (if you need a different one - just let us know and we will calculate it for you!). The longer the insurance period you choose, the cheaper each month of the service will be.**

3 months



6 months


12 months


* Does not apply to hackings, problems with logging in and blocking for copyright infringement. ** The standard cost is indicated for accounts with up to 100,000 followers. The cost of tariffs for accounts with a larger number of followers is calculated individually.

We are the first in the direction of restoring blocked Instagram accounts and restoring access to hacked accounts. Be our partner! Join us!