Instagram followers don't become customers. Understanding why

Often, a company's Instagram account appears before the company itself. However, this is not always the key to success and active sales. Let's figure out why your subscribers remain observers and not customers.

Not the target audience

The figure may be beautiful, but it was obtained by cheating, low-quality masfollowing or group givami. And most likely the coverage under the photo is not at all impressive. People simply don't see you in their feed.

Don't write for your audience

Very common in beauty industry profiles. The subscribers are the same beauty masters, not potential customers.

Don't sell

On Instagram, people are relaxing and having fun. In principle, they are not in the mood to buy and will not think out what and to whom you are offering. Are you a photographer and post customer photos without service information? Nobody will guess what you are selling this way! This is NOT obvious to them. Tell and remind about yourself.

Don't explain the benefits

Selling text is not “product, price, buy”. This is about the ability to convey the benefits of cooperation with you. Tell us why you should buy from you and not from your competitors. About your experience and knowledge. Convince them that they need it.

Create a need

Previously, marketing was about studying the needs of the market. Now it's about CREATING needs and selling goods / services for them. For example, people do not know that they need to visit a beautician regularly, even if there are no serious problems.

"We wrote the price in direct"

Forget about such answers! Improve customer service, give customers more open information. Add more photos, tell in detail about the product. Or don't you need clients?

No novelty

The audience burns out, their tastes, interests change, or everything has already been bought. Carefully work out your product line and constantly add to it. Then the clients will reach out.

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