Inst * gram. How to deal with insults in comments?

SMMs, bloggers and the simplest Instagram users are often faced with offensive comments. For some, this is not a problem - «well, they wrote and wrote, it's better for us».

Yes, comments (even obscene ones) raise coverage. However, someone does not allow them to leave the brand policy or the attitude towards their own Instagram account.

Therefore, profile owners monitor statements under their publications and manually get rid of the negative. But Instagram can make your life easier. There is a built-in comment filter for this. Which, by the way, is enabled by default.

Check it yourself. Go to «Settings», then «Privacy», then «Comments». There you will see an active «Hide offensive comments» toggle switch. You can turn it off.

With filter enabled, Instagram automatically finds spam or inappropriate comments before you receive them and blocks them. Also, the algorithms filter the responses you receive on stories and on the air.

However, the filter is imperfect and may miss some offensive comments. You can also work around it by deliberately making spelling mistakes, for example.

I am glad that the algorithm is constantly learning based on which comments you and other users have complained about. So the algorithm will get better over time. And you can help him.

Another option in the same section is «Manual filter». You can enter specific keywords that you do not want to read under your photo, and the filter will filter them out. Just remember to separate them with commas.

And if you don't want to bother with comments at all, just close them. This, of course, is not good, but the situations are different. You can prohibit commenting on all your posts or specific ones. To do this, before publishing, scroll down and click Advanced. And already there, turn off comments.

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